Children with hearing loss can learn to listen and talk


What is BabyTalk?

  • An innovative program offering teletherapy in English and Spanish
  • A comprehensive program that includes direct consultation with experienced professionals including audiologists, speech-language pathologists, deaf educators, and social workers
  • Customized teletherapy sessions in each family’s home, focused on the development of listening and spoken language skills

What does BabyTalk Include?

  • Customized parent lesson plans using items already in your home
  • Therapy in English or Spanish provided by expert teachers of the deaf and speech-language pathologists who are Listening and Spoken Language Professionals
  • Loaner equipment for teletherapy including an iPad and internet connection

What are the benefits of BabyTalk?

mom and baby

  • Provides individualized, interactive, engaging and efficient family-centered teletherapy in your home
  • Eliminates travel time and expenses to receive therapy services
  • Eases access to specialists because they are as close as an iPad
  • Measures your child’s progress over time
  • Collaboration with all other professionals on your child’s team
  • Ensures privacy using secure HIPAA compliant technology and policies